The History Behind the Barn of Barn-B-Que

The food is not the only highlight of eating at the Lake of the Ozarks newest restaurant. The Barn-B-Que Smokehouse building is a barn that was originally constructed near Lake Erie in Oak Harbor, Ohio in the early 1850s. In this week’s blog, we will talk about the history that we know about the Barn that will now spend the remainder of its life as the best smokehouse at Lake of the Ozarks.

Oak Harbor

The Barn was originally built in Oak Harbor, Ohio during the early 1850s. Oak Harbor is 30 miles east of Toledo. Oak Harbor got its name due to the importance of the nearby Portage River and the large stands of virgin White Oak trees abundant in the area. By 1850 Oak Harbor had, become a community of 38 dwellings with 137 people. When we look at the barn we like to think of the community at that point in time, wondering how many of those people contributed to building and erecting the Barn.

Unfortunately, that is most of the story we know of the barn until recent times, it has been lost throughout history. The Barn was last used as self-storage building having been partitioned into 4 separate compartments.

The Barn

The Barn’s frame is made from White Oak and measures 40 foot by 60 foot. The size of the post and beams are amazing when you consider that they were all fashioned by hand from single trees. There are 4 rafter plates, each measuring 8" x 8" and 60 foot long. The 5 tie beams are 12" x 12" and 40 foot long. There are 20 posts measuring 12" x 12" and 13 ft long.  All of these were cut from individual trees and carefully crafted by hand. Can you imagine walking in the forest carrying a saw or an ax and cutting down a white oak tree big enough, then hewing the beams? Unbelievable!


Carefully taking down the Barn began In October of 2018. Ohio Barn Salvage started the deconstruction process while back in Missouri, the new home of the Barn was getting prepped and concrete was being poured. Once the Barn was deconstructed, it was loaded onto a semi and headed south. One of the things that makes this barn frame special is the wood. All the original wood was usable!

Becoming Barn-B-Que

On January 15th, after some weather delays, the assembly of the Barn was started. By the first week of February, the Barn-B-Que was in the dry and had really taken shape. On May 23rd the Barn-B-Que was open for business!

The preservation of an antique barn and transporting it from over 650 miles away is now the Barn-B-Que Smokehouse. Can you imagine if the walls could talk! Now the walls will see a whole new generation of people, in a new part of the country. The Barn-B-Que is open for business and serving the freshest BBQ at Lake of the Ozarks. Come and see what we have done with the place!

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