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The Fascinating History of How a Barn From Ohio Became The Barn-B-Que Smokehouse at the Lake of the Ozarks!

The Barn-B-Que Smokehouse on Horseshoe Bend Parkway in Lake Ozark was originally "born & raised" in Oak Park, Ohio. (Yes, you read that right. Cool, huh? So keep reading!) Exactly how does a farm building cross state lines to become the best BBQ restaurant & bar at the Lake of the Ozarks ? Well, that's a fascinating story... Oak Harbor Origins The original barn that is now the home of the best smoked BBQ at the Lake of the Ozarks  was built in Oak Harbor, Ohio, during the early 1850s. Oak Harbor got its name due to the importance of a nearby Portage River and the large stands of virgin White Oak abundant in the area.  By 1850, Oak Harbor had become a community of 38 dwellings with 187 people. The Barn-B-Que's owner, Bill Borders, stated, " When I look at the barn I like to think of that community at that point in time, wondering how many of those people contributed to building and erecting the barn. "  Between then and now most of the barn's his

Save Room For These Scrumptious Side Dishes!

The best BBQ at the Lake of the Ozarks is generally thought of as the "star of the plate" here at The Barn-B-Que Smokehouse . For a well-rounded meal, however, you've got to give some credit to our BBQ's delicious "co-stars", those scrumptious side dishes!  Homestyle Sides From The Barn Occasionally we feature some additional side dishes as a special for a particular day, so always be sure to ask about those when you come in to order. The fantastic foods below are staples on our daily menu and each one is extremely special in its own way already.   Fresh Fries Fresh-cut and fried to order. Enjoy 'em "loaded" for an additional charge! Picnic Cole Slaw Finely chopped cabbage and carrots in a slightly sweet, light dressing. Southern Style Green Beans Traditional southern-style green beans with bacon.  Chunky Apple Sauce Sweet applesauce with chunks of apple. Mac-N-Cheese Macaroni and creamy queso cheese.  Tater Tots Potato barrels deep-fried to a

A BBQ Favorite - Smoked Pulled Pork!

We've got an excellent list of mouthwatering smoked meats to choose from at our Lake of the Ozarks BBQ restaurant & smokehouse . For today's blog, we're featuring our always delicious, ever irresistible pulled pork! It's smoked fresh daily at The Barn-B-Que Smokehouse in Lake Ozark and we've got it on the menu in a wonderful variety of ways.  Below, we've found a few interesting facts about this delicious meat to share with all of you. After that, get ready to get hungry because we've got a tasty look at the pulled pork dishes you'll find at our family restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks.  DID YOU KNOW... Pulled pork has always been especially popular in the Southern U.S. but with a taste this great, it's no surprise that those states couldn't keep this delicious dish all to themselves. Generally, a shoulder cut of the pig, pulled pork gets its easy-to-pull-apart texture from the slow-cooking process of being smoked over wood.   Although yo

History & Fun Facts Surrounding Smoked Meat's Tasty Partner - BBQ Sauce!

The mouthwatering smoked meats cooked up and served at The Barn-B-Que Smokehouse daily are generally the "star" of any meal served here. Of course, those magnificent meats are complimented beautifully by their ever-present "co-star", BBQ sauce. The best BBQ at the Lake of the Ozarks can be enjoyed here at the Barn with your choice of 5 different sauces. We'll share more about our BBQ sauce varieties later but first, a few fun facts about this irresistible ingredient. Did You Know... BBQ sauce is not only used to enhance the fantastic flavors of hickory-smoked meats as a sauce after they are done cooking. It can also be used as a marinade before smoking or grilling and you can baste the meat with it during cooking. This is one ingredient that tastes terrific with pretty much every type of meat you can eat!  Some historians place the origin of BBQ sauce in the 17th century when the first American colonies were forming. References to this type of sauce were found