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The History Behind the Barn of Barn-B-Que

The food is not the only highlight of eating at the Lake of the Ozarks newest restaurant . The Barn-B-Que Smokehouse building is a barn that was originally constructed near Lake Erie in Oak Harbor, Ohio in the early 1850s. In this week’s blog, we will talk about the history that we know about the Barn that will now spend the remainder of its life as the best smokehouse at Lake of the Ozarks . Oak Harbor The Barn was originally built in Oak Harbor, Ohio during the early 1850s. Oak Harbor is 30 miles east of Toledo. Oak Harbor got its name due to the importance of the nearby Portage River and the large stands of virgin White Oak trees abundant in the area. By 1850 Oak Harbor had, become a community of 38 dwellings with 137 people. When we look at the barn we like to think of the community at that point in time, wondering how many of those people contributed to building and erecting the Barn. Unfortunately, that is most of the story we know of the barn until recent times, it has

Tasty Treats of Barn-B-Que Smokehouse

The Barn-B-Que officially opened its doors on May 23rd. A barn near Lake Erie has been carefully deconstructed and resurrected to become The Barn-B-Que and serves the freshest BBQ at Lake of the Ozarks . The Oak Harbor 40’ x 60’ frame barn originally erected in the early 1850s carried its charm all the way to the Lake. Inside, you will find hand hewn beams constructed just like when it was originally built. As cool as the barn is, its not the main attraction here! In this week’s blog, we will tell you all about our tasty BBQ on the menu! Starters • Blue Cheese Tots Tater-tots covered in blue cheese sauce, blue cheese crumbles, bacon, and green onions. •Hog Trough Nachos Freshly fried pork rinds topped with pulled pork, camp beans, cheddar cheese, jalapenos drizzled with sweet Barn-B-Que sauce and sour cream. • Cupcake Spoon Bread Made from scratch cornbread, just like grandmas… Smoked Meat Sandwiches • Heritage Breed Southern Pulled Pork • Smoked Turkey Br