Different Styles of BBQ Across the Country

If you have traveled around at all, you know that there are BBQ joints all over the place. They all do it a little different but it’s all delicious! In this week’s blog, The Barn-B-Que Smokehouse will talk about all the different styles of BBQ. If you find yourself hungry reading this, go grab some of the best BBQ at Lake of the Ozarks to satisfy that craving!

Kansas City

Do you like a variety? Kansas City style BBQ has everything from beef brisket, sausage, pork ribs, and chicken. Kansas City style is smoked with hickory wood and the meats are served with a sweet, thick BBQ sauce. A crowd favorite is the burnt ends you will find at all the hotspots. These fatty ends of deliciousness are smoked until they are deep and dark.


In southern Texas, you will find mesquite-smoked BBQ, while central Texas is known for brisket smoked over oak, as well as hot sausages and pork ribs. On the east side of Texas, chopped pork and beef sandwiches are the most common.

North Carolina

There are two main strategies in North Carolina. In the eastern half of the state, they smoke a whole hog, chop it and serve it with a vinegar-based sauce. The west side typically only smokes the pork shoulder and they serve it on a sandwich with a tomato-based sauce.

South Carolina

Like the eastern side of North Carolina, South Carolina is known to smoke a whole hog. Here locals like to serve it up with many choices of sauces. In the southern part of the state, a mustard sauce is used and is called Carolina Gold. Part of southern South Carolina is actually called the Mustard Belt because of this sauce.


Blues and pork -- they take both seriously here! The Memphis in May International Festival has tons of events and is home to the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest. Memphis is famous for its smoked pulled pork and ribs. Ribs in Memphis are served wet or dry. Dry ribs are covered in a rub before smoke, while wet ribs are layered in sauces before they go in the smoker.


Home of the famous Alabama white sauce! The meat here is chopped and served on sandwiches, typically pork and chicken. The white sauce you will see on meats in Alabama is typically made with mayonnaise, vinegar, pepper, lemon juice, and horseradish.


In western Kentucky, they love their mutton. Mutton is the meat of sheep, smoked with hickory chips and then eaten with a Worcestershire based sauce. Pulled pork and sliced pork are common in most parts of the rest of Kentucky.

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