BBQ Dinners That Will Make Your Mouth Water!

The Barn-B-Que Smokehouse features a wide variety of delicious items on our menu, but when you're really hungry it's time to turn to the section featuring our BBQ Dinners. There you'll find plates filled to the brim with the best BBQ at the Lake of the Ozarks

Delicious Dinners
The "BBQ Dinners" section of our menu has a nice variety of meals for you to choose from that will have your mouth watering just from reading the description! (Although once that fantastic smell hits your nose upon entering our Lake of the Ozarks restaurant & bar, your mouth probably started watering already!)

Here's a closer look at "what's for dinner" around here. Each of these plates also comes with two of our savory side dishes as well. 

Combo Dinners
Here you get to choose up to 3 different smoked meats on one plate!
  • 1-Meat Dinner: Choose from 
    • pork
    • turkey
    • sausage
    • half chicken.
  • 2 & 3-Meat Dinners: Choose from 
    • 4 ribs
    • pork
    • turkey
    • sausage
    • (Brisket may be substituted for a small additional charge.)
Brisket Dinner
This plate contains 8 ounces of our mouthwatering smoked brisket. 

Burnt Ends Dinner (While they last!
Enjoy 10 ounces of these double-smoked brisket points. 

Rib Dinners
Whether you're a little bit hungry or a lot, we've got the perfect rib meal for you.
  • 4-Rib Dinner
  • Half Slab Dinner
  • Full Slab Dinner
The Barnyard
When you simply can't narrow down which amazing meats to order, go for "the Barnyard!" It's plenty to feed 2 people, 1 really hungry person, or someone that wants to have leftovers tomorrow! You get:
  • 4 Ribs
  • Brisket
  • A Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage
  • Pulled Pork
  • Turkey

Bulk Orders To-Go
If you're planning on feeding a hungry crowd at your place, our easy carry-out combos are exactly what you need. These dinners are available for carry-out only with no substitutions. "Any meat" choices come as whole pounds of meat. 
  • Combo #1 (feeds 4-6)
    • 2 Full Racks of Ribs
    • 2 Quarts Any Sides
  • Combo #2 (feeds 4-6)
    • 1 Full Rack of Ribs
    • 1 Pound of Pork, Turkey, Sausage
    • 4 Buns
    • 2 Quarts Any Sides
  • Combo #3 (feeds 6-8)
    • 1 Full Rack of Ribs
    • 2 Pounds of Pork, Turkey, Sausage
    • 8 Buns
    • 2 Quarts Any Sides
  • Combo #4 (feeds 6-8)
    • 2 Pounds of Pork, Turkey, Sausage
    • 8 Buns
    • 2 Quarts Any Sides
  • Combo #5 (feeds 4-6)
    • 2 Full Racks of Ribs
    • 1 Pound of Pork, Turkey, or Sausage
    • 4 Buns
    • 2 Quarts Any Sides

Since we keep mentioning those "sides" that all of our dinners come with, you might want to know what those are too. They include: 
  • Fresh Fries
  • Grandma Jaynes Camp Beans
  • Chunky Apple Sauce
  • Picnic Cole Slaw
  • Southern Style Green Beans
  • Grandma Jaynes Old-Fashioned Mustard Potato Salad
  • Fried Okra
  • Tater Tots
  • Mac-N-Cheese

So there you have it, hearty, mouthwatering dinners that you can enjoy 7 days a week at our Lake of the Ozarks BBQ restaurant & bar. Come on over to dine-in at our lake view restaurant or, if you need your BBQ to go, either call in the order to 573-693-9959 or simply order Barn-B-Que online through our website. Work up and appetite and we'll expect to see you real soon! 

Lake of the Ozarks’ Craft BBQ Smokehouse

14 Ravenwood Drive
Lake Ozark, MO 65049

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