Side Dishes That Make Our Delicious BBQ Taste Even Better!

The best BBQ at the Lake of the Ozarks is most likely what you think of first when someone mentions the Barn-B-Que Smokehouse. While that is a very important part of why diners keep coming back again and again, there are also a few delicious "co-stars" on each plate that are sure to grab your attention too. 

We're talking about the scrumptious side dishes that we proudly serve each day on the menu at our Lake of the Ozarks BBQ restaurant & bar. Occasionally we feature some additional sides as a special for a particular day, so always be sure to ask about those when you come in to order. The following fantastic foods are staples on our daily menu and each one is extremely special in its own way already.  

Grandma Jayne's Camp Beans 
Grandma Jayne's award-winning recipe features 5 different bean varieties, our house sweet BBQ sauce, brown sugar, and chunky tomatoes. 

Grandma Jayne's Old-Fashioned Mustard Potato Salad
Grandma Jayne graciously treated us to yet another one of her amazing recipes for this side dish. It's got red potatoes, onions, sweet pickle relish, diced celery, mayo, and just a touch of mustard. 

Fresh Fries
Freshly cut potatoes, fried to order so they're always hot and delicious to go with your meal. For a small additional price, you can even order them "loaded" with all the fixin's! 

Tater Tots
Crispy potato barrels deep-fried to a beautiful golden brown. Just like our fresh-cut fries, this tasty treat can be order "loaded" for a small additional charge. 

Mac -N- Cheese
Just the thought of a big plate of BBQ and a rich, creamy cup of mac -n- cheese on the side is enough to make your mouth water! We coat our macaroni noodles in a creamy queso cheese. 

Chunky Apple Sauce
This sweet applesauce is filled with big, tasty chunks of apples. 

Fried Okra
This side dish is a staple in southern cooking! We take delicious pieces of okra, lightly bread them, and then fry them to perfection. 

Southern Style Green Beans
Here's another southern-inspired side dish that goes great with BBQ. A traditional cooking style with a touch of bacon makes this dish irresistible. 

Picnic Cole Slaw
Our coleslaw is made with finely chopped cabbage and carrots in a slightly sweet, light dressing. Perfect for a picnic but just as delicious to enjoy here in the barn! 

Having a Party? Buy Sides in Bulk!
When you're feeding a hungry crowd, you'll need a lot more than a couple of side dish cups to satisfy everyone. For those times, we're happy to dish up our side dishes in bulk. A quart is generally enough to feed 6-8 people and a full gallon is perfect for groups of 25-30. 

Of course, you're going to need more than just sides to feed the gang. Let us cook up the appetizers and main meal for you as well! Our catering service at the Lake of the Ozarks can set you up with all the hickory-smoked goodness that your gathering can handle. Simply call 573-693-9959 for all of your catering needs. 

As filling as our hearty BBQ meals are, we suggest trying to not fill up too much on your main dish and the side. That's because our dear Grandma Jayne also creates made-from-scratch desserts for us every week! (If you have trouble saving room, you could always start with dessert!) 

Basically, when you come into the Barn-B-Que Smokehouse in Lake Ozark, come in good and hungry. You're either going to need plenty of room, some friends to share with, or a doggy bag! 

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