Drinks From the Bar That Pair Deliciously With BBQ

When you sit down to enjoy a plate full of the best BBQ at the Lake of the Ozarks, you're going to need something to wash down all that deliciousness. A great big refreshing glass of iced tea always pairs perfectly with smoked BBQ but if you're more in the mood for an "adult" beverage, The Barn-B-Que has a fully stocked bar ready to take care of that. Here are a few of our suggestions for drinks from the bar that taste terrific with BBQ. 


By far, the most popular drink to enjoy alongside BBQ is an ice-cold beer. Different sauces each seem to pair best with different types of beer. In general, a beer with a light flavor complements the richness of the BBQ without overwhelming it. This could be a lager, pilsner, or a Kolsch. If you prefer something a bit darker, porters are also an excellent choice. 

Some hoppiness to a beer can help to bring out the intense flavors of the meat, but too much hops can steal some of the spotlight from the BBQ on the plate. An often-overlooked option is a crisp cider. Especially if the BBQ dish you've chosen has a bit of  "heat" to it, the cool sweetness of the cider will balance that out wonderfully.    


Wine is also a satisfying beverage to bring out the complex flavors of different types of smoked meats. The richness of red wines especially pairs nicely with the smoky and savory textures of smoked meats. A hearty rack of ribs and a big glass of Pinot Noir are a true treat for your taste buds. 

Rosé wine is extremely versatile because the light flavors compliment the heartiness of the meats in a delicious way. This type of wine pairs with just about every dish, from salty to sweet, and is especially nice with a plate full of pulled pork.   


When it comes to mixed drinks and BBQ, many people seem to prefer a really good bourbon. After all, bourbon is from the south which is where quite a lot of the best BBQ recipes originated. (Of course, we do an excellent job creating mouthwatering 'que right here in the midwest too!) Drinks with a darker spirit base, liked aged whiskeys and rums, do a wonderful job bringing out the intense flavors of BBQ.

Here at our Lake of the Ozarks BBQ restaurant, we also make a mean Bloody Mary. With just the right amount of spices, a touch of "heat", and that rich tomato base, it fits right in with a meal of smoked meat and our savory BBQ sauces. 

The drinks listed above are merely suggestions of a few beverages from the bar that can help to bring out the naturally mouthwatering flavors of some of our menu items. When it comes to a meal you can truly enjoy though, well, that always comes down to personal preference. 

You know what you like best and we've got a fully stocked bar at The Barn-B-Que Smokehouse in Osage Beach ready to mix up whatever you happen to be thirsty for on a particular day. And don't forget, if you join us from 3-6 pm Monday-Friday and, this time of year, all day every Sunday, you can take advantage of some amazing drink prices during the best Happy Hour at the Lake of the Ozarks as well as half-price appetizers! So... what can we get for you to drink?  

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