New Year's Resolutions Can Be Fun... and Delicious!

 It's that time of year once again to come up with those dreaded New Year's resolutions. Of course, you don't have to dread this task. Instead of coming up with a long list of stuff to do that is going to make your life a lot more miserable before making it better, sprinkle a few easy resolutions in there. 

For example, the gang at The Barn-B-Que Smokehouse in Lake Ozark has created a list below of tasks to tackle that you will actually enjoy taking on! Once you make some of these simpler resolutions a new habit for 2021, you'll be inspired to take on one (or maybe even more) of those tougher resolutions too. 

Live a Little... Through Your Taste Buds!

If you're the type of person that craves adventure (which is most of us after being stuck at home for most of 2020) start small. Before you take your entire body someplace, first vow to take your taste buds on a delicious new trip! 

For those of you that have not yet given the menu at our Lake of the Ozarks BBQ restaurant & bar a try, then that should be a priority for you in 2021. As for the rest of you that have already fallen in love with the made-from-scratch, smoked fresh daily goodness that is The Barn-B-Que, make a resolution to venture out from "the regular" and give a few different dishes from our menu a taste. It's a long list, so it's going to take you quite a few visits to try it all! 

Take the Time to Relax & Unwind

Most people keep themselves incredibly busy all of the time with work, family, and the day-to-day things on their to-do lists. This year, promise yourself that at least once a week (but a little more often if possible) you will make plans for some quality "you" time. 

We highly suggest taking that time during the best Happy Hour at the Lake of the Ozarks, which takes place every Monday-Friday from 3-6 pm and all day every Sunday at The Barn-B-Que. Not only will we offer you great discounts on some of your favorite refreshments from the bar but you can also enjoy half-price appetizers! If "save money" happens to be one of your New Year's resolutions this year, Happy Hour at The Barn could be a great way to do that! 

Make the Most of the Weekends

Instead of sleeping in on the weekends, get an early start and make the most out of those days. An excellent incentive for getting out of bed on the weekends is the thought of enjoying the best breakfast at the Lake of the Ozarks.

The Barn-B-Que opens early at 8:00 am every Friday-Sunday to serve savory breakfast foods with our special homestyle touch. And hey, we understand that if you've made the most of the weekend by partying late into the night, well, we serve breakfast until 11:00 am, immediately followed by lunch, so you don't have to get up too early every weekend morning. 

There you have it. Some very simple, very easy-to-make-happen New Year's resolutions that you probably won't stop doing mid-January. Once you see just how easy it is to tackle The Barn-B-Que related items above, we bet you'll be inspired to take on some even tougher resolutions later in the year! (Of course, if you want to stop with this easy list, that's perfectly fine too!) We're looking forward to seeing a lot more of you a lot more often in 2021 at our Lake of the Ozarks family restaurant

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