A BBQ Favorite - Smoked Pulled Pork!

We've got an excellent list of mouthwatering smoked meats to choose from at our Lake of the Ozarks BBQ restaurant & smokehouse. For today's blog, we're featuring our always delicious, ever irresistible pulled pork! It's smoked fresh daily at The Barn-B-Que Smokehouse in Lake Ozark and we've got it on the menu in a wonderful variety of ways. 

Below, we've found a few interesting facts about this delicious meat to share with all of you. After that, get ready to get hungry because we've got a tasty look at the pulled pork dishes you'll find at our family restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks. 


Pulled pork has always been especially popular in the Southern U.S. but with a taste this great, it's no surprise that those states couldn't keep this delicious dish all to themselves. Generally, a shoulder cut of the pig, pulled pork gets its easy-to-pull-apart texture from the slow-cooking process of being smoked over wood.  

Although you might assume that chicken is the most widely-eaten meat worldwide, it's actually pork that claims this title! (Poultry comes in a close second followed by beef.) Pork is an excellent source of protein. Additionally, it contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals, including Thiamine, Selenium, Zinc, Niacin, Phosphorus, and Vitamins B12 and B6. 

Pulled Pork for Breakfast

Every Friday-Sunday from 8:00 am-11:00 am, the best breakfast at the Lake of the Ozarks comes out of the kitchen at The Barn-B-Que. You'll find lots of classic breakfast favorites as well as many of our own signature creations. Here are a couple of those delicious options that include today's featured meat, smoked pulled pork! 

Pulled Pork Breakfast Bowl
Scrambled eggs, bacon, onions, mushrooms, potatoes, green bell peppers, cheese, and smoked pulled pork. 

Ultimate Pork Sandwich
Slow-smoked pulled pork topped with crispy bacon, American cheese, and a fried egg all served on a Texas toast. 

Pulled Pork for Lunch & Dinner

7 days a week, you can ask for our savory pulled pork as a Barn-B-Que sandwich or as one of the smoked meats on our BBQ dinner plates, but we don't stop there! 

This amazing meat is also used as the main ingredient in some of our other menu items as well. Many of the dishes below can have other smoked meats substituted in place of the pulled pork but for today, the pig is the star of this show.  

Carolina Sandwich
Here we take that deliciously smoked pulled pork and top it with a pork glaze plus a heaping helping of our Picnic Cole Slaw. Hearty and hard to resist!

Pulled Pork Tacos
Tacos are always a treat and that's even more true than usual when the flour tortilla is stuffed with our pulled pork! These tacos are then topped with Pico de Gallo, shredded cheese, and fresh lime wedges. 

If you prefer your tacos folded over and grilled, well, then they are magically turned into quesadillas. (That's "cooking magic.") Our pulled pork quesadillas are also filled with mozzarella cheese, sauteed onions and peppers, and served with salsa and sour cream. 

Farm Nachos
From tortilla shells to tortilla chips, our pulled pork is amazing on nachos too! Also on top of those crispy chips is our Camp Beans, queso cheese, sour cream, and a drizzle of our house sweet sauce.  

Barn-B-Que Salad
This incredibly fresh salad is made with mixed greens, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and red onion. For a BBQ upgrade, you can add pulled pork or one of our other incredible smoked meats. Dressing choices include Bar-B-Que Ranch, Blue Cheese, or Honey Citrus Vinaigrette.   

Heart Attack Burger
As if two 1/3-pound burger patties weren't already enough, we've topped this mind-blowing burger with our pulled pork too! Add to that slices of bacon and some queso cheese sauce and, well, you can probably figure out how this gargantuan meal got its name.

Right about now, we're sure all the pulled pork fans out there are pretty excited. As for the rest of you, after just one bite of any of the incredible dishes listed above, we're sure you're going to be a new fan of this marvelous meat too! But, if you're not quite in the mood for pulled pork when you stop by The Barn-B-Que Smokehouse, there are plenty of other irresistible menu items, for every meal, to satisfy all of your cravings.

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