Burnt Ends - A Delicious Dish That Deserves a Better Name!

Last week's blog covered our "Smoked Brisket - So Delicious & Served In So Many Ways." A brisket-related menu item, our amazing Burnt Ends, are the topic for today. The name itself doesn't make the dish sound very appetizing, but after just one bite of the burnt ends from The Barn-B-Que Smokehouse in Osage Beach will prove that names can be deceiving! 

The Barn-B-Que's Burnt Ends

If you're already a fan of the savory beef brisket served at our Lake of the Ozarks BBQ restaurant, then there's an excellent chance that you're going to love our burnt ends too. Many people might hear the word "burnt" and assume this is just an overcooked piece of meat. On the contrary, once our creative cooks get done preparing these delicacies, you're left with an irresistible food item that often sells out before the day is done! 

A burnt end is made up of the end pieces, or the points, on a cut of brisket. Being on the end, these get charred while the brisket is cooking. Once the brisket is ready to come out of the smoker, we cut off the burnt ends and get them ready to become something amazing. (See, now the name completely makes sense!) 

These "leftover" pieces of meat get marinated in a blend of our house sauces and spices. After that, they are double-rubbed and double-smoked to perfection, resulting in a mouthwatering piece of meat that qualifies as some of the best BBQ at the Lake of the Ozarks!  


Years ago, cooks would cut the burnt ends off of their brisket and simply throw them away, assuming they were not salvageable. A few of the more creative cooks would save them to add flavor to other dishes. Finally, someone figured out that with the proper care and preparation, these throwaway pieces of meat could actually become a delicoius dish. 

A native of Kansas City, MO, Calvin Trillin, is often credited with making burnt ends the popular BBQ restaurant staple that they are today. He wrote an article for Playboy Magazine in 1972 about his love for the burnt ends served at Arthur Bryant's in KC. At that time, this delicacy was given away for free to customers while they waited for their orders! (Of course, that was a long time ago.) 

Trilling wrote,

"The main course at Bryant’s, as far as I'm concerned, is something that is given away free – the burned edges of the brisket. The counterman just pushes them over to the side and anyone who wants them helps himself. I dream of those burned edges. Sometimes, when I’m in some awful, overpriced restaurant in some strange town, trying to choke down some three-dollar hamburger that tastes like a burned sponge, a blank look comes over me: I have just realized that at that very moment, someone in Kansas City is being given those burned edges for free."

How Will You Have Yours?

While our burnt ends are not free, they are worth every penny you'll pay for them. (Probably worth even more, actually!) We prepare all of the savory meats at our Lake of the Ozarks BBQ Smokehouse in small batches every day so that you always get the freshest food possible. The only downside to that is, once the burnt ends are gone for the day, they're gone! (Don't worry, we always make more!)

While they last, our burnt ends are available as a sandwich with one side or as a dinner plate featuring 10-ounces of meat and two side dishes. The next time you dine at The Barn-B-Que, consider giving this incredible meat a try. 

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